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Intelligent UPS Model Based on Modular Design —Case for ZimaBoard

We’ve noticed that there’s a wealth of demand for ZimaBoard peripherals in the community, with UPS being one of the major concerns. Here’s a very compact and sophisticated smart UPS from community creator CP0204 that we thought was worth sharing with you.

Project Background:

Many devices used in CP0204, such as ARM boxes and ZimaBoard Single Board Server, mostly use 12V DC power supplies. To prevent damage to the working status of the devices and loss of mechanical hard drive data during sudden power outages, CP0204 decided to develop an intelligent UPS power supply as a backup power source.

Design Concept:

CP0204 chose to use mature electronic modules for integrated design. Compared to ordinary UPS that can only provide backup power, CP0204’s design is more intelligent:

  • Actively send shutdown commands to devices via USB interface during power outage
  • Support remote monitoring of working status via app
  • Support remote control of power output to achieve remote power cut

Hardware Design:

Main Components:

  • ESP32 S2 Mini: Control chip of the entire system
  • 12V UPS Module: Provides backup power
  • 12V to 5V Module: Power supply for ESP32
  • 2 x 18650 Battery Holder
  • Relay and other components

(Design diagram, some modules not shown)

Working Principle:

The ESP32 continuously monitors the input voltage. When input voltage <12V, it determines power outage and activates the UPS module to supply power using 2 x 18650 batteries. Also, when battery is low, it uses the USB interface to send shutdown commands to devices, prompting them to shut down.
Wi-Fi capabilities are also added to enable remote monitoring of status and control of power output via app.

Implementation Effect:

CP0204 soldered the custom designed PCB board, flashed the control program, and packaged it in a semi-transparent enclosure to create a small and practical intelligent UPS power supply.

When connected to devices, it can automatically detect power failures and notify devices to shut down to prevent data loss or device damage. Working status can also be viewed and power output controlled remotely via app anytime.
Thanks to the low power consumption of ZimaBoard, the power in two 18650 batteries is enough to allow normal shutdown after power outage.


Through the modular design concept, CP0204 abstracted the key functions of an intelligent UPS and selected appropriate mature modules for integration, eventually creating a project prototype. Compared to ordinary UPS, CP0204’s design is more intelligent, with software and hardware expansions for status monitoring, device protection and remote controllability.

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