Lauren Pan


  • Experience12 Years
  • Favorite MovieThe Truman Show
  • ToolsPython, Arduino, Fusion 360

Lauren is a general tinkerer who loves everything about robots, electronics, philosophy, and coding.

Lauren has over ten years of experience as a team leader in open-source hardware. Solid knowledge in product design, management, and production. In 2020, Lauren created ZimaBoard and founded IceWhale Tech, and a new journey starts here.

Allen Shen

Marketing Manager

  • Experience8 Years
  • Favorite MovieDrive (2011)
  • ToolsPremiere, After Effects, Prezi

Born in China, raised in Shanghai, educated in the UK, immerse in new tech.

Allen has helped many projects like OverLord 3D/LattePanda/LattePanda Alpha hit the market with his marketing experience in the open-source hardware and cloud computing industry. Allen worked closely with Lauren from the very beginning, covering all stages from POC, strategy to marketing. He is excited and confident in the proposition where ZimaBoard sits.

John Guan

Product Manager

  • Experience7 Years
  • Favorite MovieThe Matrix
  • ToolsPython, C, Javascript, Fusion 360, Photoshop, Affinity Designer

John is a full-stack software and hardware engineer with rich experience in technological innovation products.

As technical director of many maker projects and startups such as WELabs, MakerCollider, and OpenSmartGlass, John is very excited to bring ZimaBoard to you with his team and explore more applications/scenarios in the future.

Jerry Liu

Software Developer

  • Experience15 Years
  • Favorite MovieLove Actually
  • ToolsJavascript, php, Python, Lua, HTML, CSS, PhotoShop, Illustrator

Jerry has a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design. He has rich experience in graphic design, 3D animation, and film/TV production, but he finally got into programming. Before joining the ZimaBoard project, he has been a front and back end developer and an active member of the OpenWrt community for many years. Jerry runs a Telegram group of over 10,000 members and has published his open- source Openwrt plug-in. Jerry loves playing with computer hardware and software and enjoys HiFi music and movies in his spare time.

Kelvin Sun

Hardware Engineer

  • Experience8 Years
  • Favorite Movie2001: A Space Odyssey
  • ToolsScienceDirect, IEEE, Matlab, Pspice

Kelvin is an end-to-end engineer with a potent combination of hardware engineering and software development skills. He has over ten years of work and study experience in the IoT industry. He is the ex-product manager of LattePanda Alpha. As a member of the ZimaBoard product design team, Kelvin is dedicated to improving the user experience of ZimaBoard.