World’s First Hackable Single Board Server
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What is ZimaBoard

Single Board Server for Creators

ZimaBoard is a low-cost single board server exclusively designed for makers and geeks. It has both the expandability of an x86 single-board computer (SBC), and the appropriate power of a micro server.

  • Intel Quad Core CPU up to 2.2GHz
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN
  • Linux / Windows / OpenWrt / pfSense / Android
How It Works

Build Your Own Cloud Autonomy


Personal NAS

No more monthly bills
Easily create your personal cloud storage.



Secure traffic. Safe downloads
Protect your digital footprint and play safe.



Internet streaming made easy
Stream 4K video and hi-res audio at ease.


Software Router

Wireless freedom
Tinker your network with OpenWrt and pfSense.


Media Server

Entertainment ready
Access your media collection on any devices.


Smart Home

Connected devices
Reinvent smart home projects across ecosystems.

Open-Source Ecosystem

For Makers By Makers


Make Your Projects Come To Life

Home Server

Create a 4TB home media server with multiple apps in less than 10 minutes. No subscription fee, 24 hours online, easy to access.

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Hardware Router

Setup VPN connection, run FTP Server/BitTorrent Client, perform Traffic-Shaping and QoS, or even set up a private access to your office.

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Edge Intelligence

Use ZimaBoard for data collection, data buffering, and data preprocessing to provide accurate on-site IoT data for your cloud or server.

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More projects are coming soon.

Design for Modern Digital Life

The concept of ZimaBoard was based on the sub-culture's more international taste, in which the “mass industrialism” and the "modern cyber-freedom" might well be retained, but where machine systems still played a part.


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